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Month: October 2017

Price Vs Cost

The price of something is a simple number. That is all it is. It is what most consumers look for…

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Do teeth influence speech? – They may forget what you said, but they won’t forget how you said it.

THE IMPORTANCE OF SPEECH One of the many problems that people with dentures face is that they are unable to…

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Infinity Dental Clinic

Denplan – A preventative approach to help our patients stop dental problems before they start

We know in dentistry that a lot of the dental diseases are preventable. With regular dental check ups we can…

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Digital Dentistry – Higher accuracy and more comfort

Technological advancements have influenced the work flow in almost all aspects of manufacturing. In Dentistry, the new development of digital…

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Natural substitute for missing teeth – Dental Implants.

MISSING TEETH – DENTAL IMPLANTS Missing teeth can create functional and cosmetic problems. While it may be possible to get away…

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