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Year: 2019

Time to reflect on an incredible year

It is that time of year again where most people will look back at their year and reflect on what…

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Attention to detail

At our clinic we aim to provide all of our patients with treatment that is as bespoke as possible. By…

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Truly Life changing for this patient – Dental implants

We often call treatment with Dental Implants ‘life changing’ because of the significant impact it has on patient’s lives. Many…

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We can achieve so much more when we work together….

As I reflect on the completion of our practice development work, I have found that this whole expansion has crept…

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What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is any form of dentistry that affects the appearance of one’s teeth. Many patients will seek cosmetic dentistry,…

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What is a sinus lift?

Most patients will never need a sinus lift procedure however, for those patients who need it, it can make a…

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