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Attention to detail

At our clinic we aim to provide all of our patients with treatment that is as bespoke as possible. By this we mean taking into consideration every aspect of the patient’s dental expectation. I recently completed a case which I felt epitomises the level of individualisation that is given to our patient’s receiving treatment with Dental Implants at our clinic.

In this case the patient presented to our clinic with a conventional dental crown/bridge that was failing. The supporting tooth had become mobile due to bone loss and the porcelain on the bridge had fractured. We considered simply replacing the bridge for another conventional bridge however, due to the supporting tooth being compromised, we had to approach this as a case for tooth replacement. Dental Implants are the ideal solution in cases like this however, the biggest challenge is to make these ‘new’ teeth match the patient’s exisitng teeth in shape, colour, function and overall appearance.

A multi-disciplinary approach is given to this level of dentistry. The surgery is performed using a high level of digital planning using our CBCT scanner and digital mapping. The surgery is meticulously performed to enable us to mimic the natural gum contours found in the adjacent teeth and also to replace missing bone using bone grafting. The final restorations are made by a team of highly skilled technicians that combine the latest digital technology, along with exceptional artisitic skills to provide what you see below. Every stage of this workflow is crucial to provide our patients with bespoke and aesthetic restorations. Not only do these restorations look great, by following this protocol we are able to maximise the longevity of our restorations.

It makes me very proud to be part of such an amazing team of passionate dental enthusiasts!

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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