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Category: Dental Education

Full arch replacement of loose teeth using dental implants

Dental Implants, gum disease and bone loss

Many patients lose their teeth due to a gradual process of bone loss and receeding gums. This process is called…

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Infinity Dental Clinic – Helping patients through Covid-19

Our continued thoughts are with those affected by COVID-19. At this very difficult time for everyone across the globe, we…

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Safety and Success – Maintaining standards using digital dentistry

Dentistry has vastly changed over the last decade. We are able to plan and execute certain dental procedures with far…

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Teamwork makes the….

…Dream work We completed some more amazing patient treatments last week and it was another proud moment for our team….

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Bone regenration

A permanent solution using a dental implant and bone regeneration

This patient attended our clinic with a very loose and infected central incisor. This tooth had previously had a post…

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With so many different types of dental implants, how do we choose which one to use?

For each individual tooth replacement our objective is to provide an almost identical replacement tooth in terms of shape, size,…

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