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Category: Missing Teeth

Truly Life changing for this patient – Dental implants

We often call treatment with Dental Implants ‘life changing’ because of the significant impact it has on patient’s lives. Many…

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What is a sinus lift?

Most patients will never need a sinus lift procedure however, for those patients who need it, it can make a…

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One problem too many…

Everyone knows someone who has a ‘negative’ outlook on life. That person who is always a bit ‘grumpy’ or ‘miserable’…

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before and after dental implants with composite bonding

It starts from the back…

The molars at the back form the foundations of everything in the mouth. Without molar teeth, many patients suffer from…

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CBCT scan bone defect

Planning and preparing for advanced dental treatments

A high level of planning is necessary when providing advanced dental procedures. This includes treatment to have multiple crowns, veneers,…

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The finishing touches around dental implants

I have written about gum shaping many times before as this is an area of implant dentistry that I am…

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