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Deja Vu – January 2017 repeats itself!

I was prompted to write a blog in January last year on maintaining high standards following the incredible achievement of Roger Federer at the Australian Open. I thought it was the last time we would see him victorious at a Grand Slam event. However, since then he has won Wimbledon and now, just this morning, the Australian Open again.

This is a remarkable achievement for a man who is 36 years old. In Tennis, that is what they call ‘getting on in years’. the body takes longer to recover after each stint on the court and the gym. The joints and muscles are more vulnerable to injury and the demands of a busy schedule against younger and naturally fitter players becomes more and more difficult. It is almost unheard of for Tennis players to be winning Grand Slam events at this age, only Ken Rosewall back in 1972 can match Federer’s achievement in this respect, he was 37 years old.

Roger Federer has managed to stay at the top of his profession for longer than any other player in history. His longevity is not due to luck or a ‘gift’, it is due to the immense work he puts into his training. He works harder than anyone else on the tour.

In Dentistry, we can relate to the same requirements of continuing to work hard to improve and maintain your high standards. For this reason we strongly encourage continuous professional development in our clinic: Our surgeons are continuously training and teaching on the latest surgical courses and our nurses are also attending courses to update their knowledge and skills in modern dentistry. As well as this, as a clinic we are always supporting investment in the latest equipment if it is able to improve our clinical work.

Certain people serve as great role models, I’m sure most people would agree that Roger Federer is a universally good role model – not just for Tennis fans.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)


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