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Gums, Bone and Dental Implants…

When we are planning to replace the missing teeth with dental implants, we should consider how we can improve the structure of the bone in the mouth at the same time. In most cases this is necessary to somewhat ‘reverse’ the bone loss caused by the periodontal disease affecting the preceding teeth. By rebuilding the bone structure, the implants will have a much higher long term success rate and the treatment outcomes are significantly improved.

2 of the main contributing factors to periodontal disease are poor plaque control and smoking. This results in the gradual progression of bone loss around teeth. Periodontal disease can also affect the bone around dental implants therefore, we provide our patients with the tools and techniques they require to manage their dental hygiene thoroughly at home with ease. Studies have shown that visiting the hygienist regularly and maintaining excellent oral hygiene on a daily basis will stabilise periodontal disease and prevent it from affecting any more of the mouth.

Our patients have shown significant improvements in the health of their gums and teeth as a result of the periodontal care they continue to receive and also compliment themselves using their daily techniques. A combination of team work between our dental team and the patient themselves can stabilise dental disease and provide us with beautiful results like those shown in the radiographic images below:

The dark spaces around the teeth show the vast amounts of bone loss in these areas. These patients were provided with a treatment to combine the regeneration of the missing bone volume and dental implants to replace the loose and failing teeth. By maintaining their future periodontal health we have a much better prognosis for both the success of their dental implants and also the long term health of the other teeth in their mouth.

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Thank you for reading.

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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