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A life changing outcome using dental implants

Looking at the bigger picture

When this patient attended our clinic 6 months ago, he was complaining that his teeth were ‘chipping’ and ‘wearing away’. This was an ongoing problem for him and each time that he had his teeth repaired, the fillings would chip off very soon after having it done.

As can be seen in the picture, the patient has missing posterior teeth therefore, he is overly reliant on his front teeth to do all of the functional work in his mouth. This is a situation that leads to excess stresses in the front teeth and the possibility of tooth fracture and wear. The front teeth are not anatomically designed to be chewing food and therefore, when these teeth are being used for this function routinely, these teeth are vulnerable to fracture.

We explained to the patient that the reason for the continued wear and chipping of his front teeth was due to a lack of molar teeth. By replacing the posterior (back) teeth, we are able to stabilise the jaw and biting positions and free up the stresses on the front teeth. This then allows us to rebuild the front teeth with successful and long term outcomes.

Dental Implants to restore function

Dental implants provide a solid foundation to provide strong functional tooth replacements. We provided this patient with multiple dental implants to restore his bite.

By doing this he was able to chew properly again using his ‘new’ molar teeth and this also gave respite to the front teeth. Due to the majority of the occlusal forces being passed through the dental implant teeth, the front teeth were now protected and therefore, we were able to carefully rebuild the front teeth using composite bonding. The composite bonding is performed by Dr Hannah Wilson who is highly skilled at making old, chipped and worn teeth look full size and aesthetic again.

before and after dental implants with composite bonding

Thank you for reading.

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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before and after dental implants with composite bonding

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