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As we start seeing patients once again at our clinic I am aware of all of the recent news regarding the difficulties faced by many work organisations, not just dental practices, in preparing for the ‘post-covid’ protocols.

It is a challenge for us all but one that has been made easier due to the commitment of our team. Our team have been working throughout the whole of the ‘lockdown’ period – every single working day has been worked – to maintain our service to all of our patients. We have worked from home to provide constant communication for all of our patients to ensure our patients and our team are well prepared to see patients in a safe and timely manner.

Infinity dental clinic working from home during covid19 lockdown
Infinity dental clinic working from home during covid19 lockdown

As discussions were going on about possible Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protocols, we invested in additional PPE early on to ensure that we were ready for today. Although we didn’t know the exact day we would be able to see patients face to face again, we were prepared for it from the very beginning to ensure that we did not cause our patients to have any more unwanted delays to their dental care needs.

All of our team have added a wealth of additional learning to their knowledge and professional development. This time has been used to maximise our abilities, individually and as a team. We truly feel that we are now better equipped than we were before. Life is about learning from every experience and using every day as an opportunity to improve.

It makes me so proud to see how our team have worked through the lockdown period and continued to provide an exceptional service to every patient. Our team have been innovative and used video consultations and introduced new methods to ensure that we can continue to provide dental care and advice even during the phase of lockdown with the tightest restrictions. This level of committment is something that I would never have anticipated. It is way beyond what even I could have expected and I want to thank every member of our team for helping our dental practice be as well prepared as ever!

Thank you to all of our team and thank you to our patients who have supported us thorughout!

Mohsin Patel

Mohsin Patel

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Infinity dental clinic working from home during covid19 lockdown

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