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Your experience is different to mine…

Everyone has their own experiences in life.

In fact, we all see the world in a different way to each other. Our own take on the world around us is informed by what we have seen, where we have been and our own life experiences.

So when we get a chance to listen to our patients we get a chance to hear about their experiences. In these moments we can truly understand what our patient has gone through and what the problem really means to them.

Thousands of patients attend our clinic every year with ‘similar’ dental problems BUT every single one of them has a different perception of the dental problem. By listening to our patients we can explore our patient’s problems much further than what just meets the eye. This level of understanding allows us to fully understand our patients so that we can provide them with a treatment plan that works for them and their lifestyle.

We all spend most of our time exploring ‘our own version’ of the world so when we get the oppourtunity to explore someone else’s world we must make it count! Our team will always make every effort to listen to our patients and understand their experiences so that we can continue to provide bespoke dental care to each and every patient.

Mohsin Patel

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