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The positive feedback loop – Dentistry is more than just dental care


The human mind desires a sense of importance and showing appreciation for someone else’s good work can do wonderful things for the arousal of the human mind.

A classic example of this is an employee working at the counter in a Mcdonald’s restaurant. This individual will see hundreds, maybe thousands, of customers on a busy day. After working tirelessly and feeling fatigued, if a customer shows appreciation for his/her swift and efficient service at the end of the day, he/she may not feel as fatigued due to the endorphin released in the brain – this act of appreciation has the power to stimulate the mind.

Team morale

I am very grateful for the talented team I have at Infinity Dental Clinic. Each member of the team is able to contribute a unique attribute however, everyone has an ultimate aim to give the patient a brilliant experience.

We appreciate that our patient’s choose to come to us, they put their dental health and care in our hands, it is a privilege to be put in this position. We do everything we can to continue to improve our patient’s experience and overall care by keeping in touch with the latest dental developments as well as meeting our patient’s growing expectations.

Patient satisfaction

Very recently I received a card in the post from a patient I treated previously. Our operations manager, Jasmin, came in to my office late in the afternoon to give me this card. After reading this card I felt great, I was delighted that the patient had benefited so much from the cosmetic and invisalign treatment I provided for her.

thank you card invisalign

invisalign results

Moments like this give me the ultimate job satisfaction. It also reassures me and our team members that the work we continue to do is being appreciated – we’re on the right path. I like to think of this as the positive feedback loop.

  • Dr Mohsin Patel


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