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Preparing to lose your teeth – Life changing for you, life changing for us

Many people are faced with the prospect of losing all of their teeth. The gradual deterioration of the teeth eventually results in a dysfunctional and unaesthetic situation.

The Dilemma….

Holding on to deteriorating teeth may seem like a better alternative to removing these teeth. Why? Well what does one do when they lose all of their teeth?

This was the situation that a lady I recently treated was faced with.

Planning is key

We planned the eventual tooth loss which enabled us to avert a potential disaster because if the teeth became too neglected, they may fall out or require urgent removal without planning. This would result in the patient having no teeth for a period of time however, by planning ahead we are able to design and fit an immediate provisional set of teeth to replace the extracted teeth straight away.

The definitive tooth replacement – Dental Implants

Ultimately, the denture is removed with fixed stable teeth with excellent natural aesthetics.

Dental implants are used effectively to replace the roots of the teeth that have been removed. They provide the foundations to support the teeth.

The result is a full set of well supported and aesthetic teeth which will restore confidence, function and appearance. Our patient was delighted with what she described an life changing treatment.

dental implant teeth

Life changing for the patient, life changing for us

It is an honour for us to provide such life changing care to our patients. I feel very fortunate to provide this care and the sense of job satisfaction from this is like nothing else I have ever experienced anywhere else.

We are there to help our patients when they need us to put things right. What a privilege it is to be part of such a caring team and profession.

  • Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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