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Replacing missing teeth – with dental implants

The dental implant

It is a daunting prospect for some when faced with losing a tooth. Unfortunately, we see many patients who accept having missing teeth and the difficulties this causes when chewing, talking and smiling. Many patients will also accept an uncomfortable denture as being their only option to replace these missing teeth.

I take great pride in providing my patients with fixed dental implants to replace these teeth. This not only restored their function, but it also improves their confidence. Most of my patients call it life changing and say they wish they had it done sooner. This is the most satisfying moment in the treatment programme – I enjoy this the most.

Below is a patient who simply lost a front tooth in a minor accident. She was delighted with having her tooth back again, and can move on from the incident without it having a permanent effect on her quality of life.

dental implant before dental implant after

The treatment plan took 3 months to complete and included the following visits:

Visit 1 – Implant consultation and planning on week 1

Visit 2 – Implant placement and placement of temporary tooth on week 1

Visit 3 – Post operative 2 week review appointment on week 2

Visit 4 – Impressions of implant and teeth at week 10

Visit 5 – Fit of final Implant tooth on week 12

Our dental care is all about ensuring that our patients are aware of every treatment option available to them. I have met many patients who have been unaware of the technological advances in dentistry and how this could significantly improve there life. Dental Implants is one of many ways we can make an improvement to your dental health. Call us on 0113 2633199 or send us a message to find out more.


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Mohsin Patel

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