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Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant – case completed

As we reach the final few weeks of the year, we are now in the process of completing dental implant treatments for our patients who started this journey in September – just in time for Christmas. I will be sharing a couple of the clinical cases in this blog and the next one (later this week).

The problem with the missing tooth

This patient presented to me with a missing upper right 5 tooth. Her issue was that this prevented her from smiling confidently as it would affect the appearance of her smile. Also, she felt that her ability to chew effectively was hampered by having a tooth missing.

We decided to replace her missing tooth with a fixed permanent solution – a dental implant.

Implant placement – surgical appointment

The procedure to place the implant in the missing space is painless for the patient. The treatment is carried out in a controlled environment which is specifically set up for implant surgery. The picture below is taken immediately after the surgery, the patient will leave with sutures (stitches) in the gum.

dental implant stitches

Healing and restoration of the dental implant

Following 3 months of healing, the implant is ready to have a tooth fitted onto it. By now the bone and implant will be unified and as can be seen in the pictures below, the gum will be fully healed.

dental implant healing abutment

Dental implant gum healing

An impression is taken of the implant and gum interface which allows our technician to manufacture a bespoke tooth to fit onto the implant. The tooth is carefully screwed into the implant using an internal screw torquing device.

dental implant screw crown

dental implant complete

Once the tooth is fitted, it should look and feel like a natural tooth. The ultimate aim is to make the tooth identical in appearance and colour to the patient’s existing teeth.

This tooth will be cleaned and used in the same way as a natural tooth.

  • Dr Mohsin Patel

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dental implant screw crown

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