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Speech with Dentures and Dental Implants

The importance of speech – don’t take it for granted

One of the many problems that people with dentures face is that they are unable to speak as well with a denture covering the roof of their mouth. This can become a nuisance or even a big problem for some denture wearers.

The solution is a tooth that doesn’t cover the roof of your mouth – Dental implants

Dental implants and sometimes bridges are able to replace a denture without the need to cover the roof of your mouth. This enables the tongue to maneuver freely to allow the patient to speak normally.

I have found certain patients find this to be more an issue such as public speakers and musicians, any effect to their speech can be a disaster for them. For this reason, a fixed tooth replacement is the ideal solution.

Natural aesthetics mean natural results

One of the main features that sets dental implants apart from dentures is the aesthetics. Dental implants can blend in to your existing smile appearance without detriment to your aesthetic appearance. The example below shows how I replaced the missing teeth on this patient to restore her smile aesthetically.

Fixed Dental implants


Simply making teeth look better is not enough if they don’t allow you to function fully. The beauty of dental implants is that when done properly they are able to restore your smile both in appearance and in function. For this reason, in most cases, I would recommend dental implants as the preferred option to replace missing teeth.

  • Dr Mohsin Patel

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