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The wonder of veneers

Transform your smile with Veneers

Teeth can discolour and chip. This can result in a progressively compromised smile appearance. I have been asked to improve this problem for patients many times recently and I decided to write this blog to explain one of the ways we can treat this cosmetic problem.

Why Veneers?

If their is a multi-factorial problem with your smile appearance then the advantage of veneers is that we can address these problems altogether. For example, if you’re unhappy with colour, shape and size of your teeth, veneers can actually improve all of these features. The so called ‘hollywood smile’ is usually the result of veneers however, I don’t use this term to describe our treatments. Our veneers are designed to give a natural yet beautiful look.

Case Study of my patient with Veneer treatment

This gentleman presented to me with discoloured and chipped teeth. He also didn’t like the spacing between his teeth. He is 63 years old and said he has been unhappy with his teeth throughout his entire life. I suggested veneer treatment and we made a ‘smile design’ mock up of his smile to assess what we could potentially achieve with his smile.

before veneers

cosmetic smile design

after veneers

The patient was delighted by the smile design and so we went ahead with the veneer treatment. The result was a beautiful natural smile. He now has the confidence to smile again.

It is never too late to consider cosmetic dental treatment. The results are incredibly satisfying.


  • Dr Mohsin Patel
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before veneers

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