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We provide patient’s with life changing dental care every week. However, sometimes the treatment that we provide has a far more powerful impact on the patient. We completed a case last week for a patient who had been sufferring for over 10 years with loose teeth. As is so often the case, the teeth gradually detioriate and it becomes harder for patients to see a dentist as they may ‘fear’ that no help may be available to them as the sitaution may be ‘too bad to treat’.

This patient came to see us when the situation had clearly detiorated to a very advanced level. All of the teeth were loose and many of the teeth were also missing. Loose teeth can sometimes be even more difficult for patients than not having teeth. This is because loose teeth can cause discomfort during chewing and are very difficult to clean with a toothbrush. The patient wanted help to restore her smile, confidence and ability to chew with ease. We considered every option with the patient and after a careful assessment, the patient decided that the implant retained dentures would provide her with the optimum solution.

The main treatment session involved removal of the teeth and the placement of dental implants. This part of the treatment process was performed under sedation to make the treatment comfortable and stress-free for the patient. The overall result is breathtaking and we were so happy for this patient. It was obvious how much it meant to the patient and to simply say that it is life changing doesn’t describe the impact well enough. The patient said they will be looking forward to eating and biting into all of their favourite foods, something that has not been possible for many years. The patient looks significantly younger immediately following completion of this treatment, it’s incredible how much more volume is restored to the cheeks, lips and overall facial profile.

However big or small, our dental care is aimed at improving the lives of our patients. Sometimes the impact is huge and it makes our team very proud to be able to provide a high level of dentistry to meet the needs of our patients.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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Full arch replacement of loose teeth using dental implants

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