2 amazing smiles on the last day before Christmas!

Posted on 24th December 2022

We’ve had another incredible year of making thousands of patients smile and eat with confidence again.

On the last working day before Christmas I had the pleasure of completing the dental implant treatments for 2 patients. It always adds more excitement when the treatment is timed for completion just in time for a big break such as this.

The first patient was a young girl who had attended our clinic because her 2 upper incisors were out of position. They were suffering with localised severe gum disease and this had resulted in localised bone and gum recession. We planned treatment to replace her teeth and provide her with a bone and gum graft. This enables us to restore her gum health as well as providing her with permanent replacement teeth to restore her smile. She informed us that she was getting married in January 2023 and she attended our clinic in September. We planned the treatment both meticulously and efficiently to esure this was possible in time for her wedding. As an added bonus we managed to complete her treatment just in time for Christmas!

As is often the case, the patient is still learning how to smile again. this picture was taken seconds after fitting her smile in time for Christmas so her smile is still very ‘cautious’. She has been so used to covering her smile for so many years!

The second patient attended our clinic earlier in the year with failing and missing upper teeth. We planned to replace all of her teeth using dental implants in the upper arch. Her final smile was a zirconia bridge supported by 4 dental implants to provide her with a full set of teeth once again. This was all fitted on the last working day before Christmas and I can only imagine her Christmas dinner will be more enjoyable for her!

The effect our treatments have on patient’s lives is significant. The ability to enjoy all those special moments in day to day life is affected by an individuals general and dental health. We are very proud at Infinity Dental Clinic to have transformed so many of our patient’s lives.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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