2 full arch smiles for a happy wife and husband

Posted on 29th January 2022

At Infinity Dental Clinic we have provided so many life changing dental treatments to thousands of patients. However, we recently completed treatment that was even more unique than all those that had preceded it! A husband and wife (Ian and Andrea) both attended my clinic together presenting with very similar problems – they both required full arch dental implant treatment to replace their missing and failing teeth. Both of them were struggling to eat or smile with confidence. We started their treatments together- in tandem – the objective was the dream – to give them both the perfect smiles together so that they could enjoy it together!

We provided Andrea with the same day teeth approach because she was both suitable for it and also, because she wanted to avoid wearing a removable denture to maintain her quality of life during the treatment process. Ian was provided with the same treatment however, we used a staged approach for him as this was more suited based on our assessments and CBCT scan at the consultation phase.  Ian still had temporary teeth thorughout the whole treatment journey so both patients were able to have a smile in between all of their appointments and treatment stages.

We completed both treatments around the same time. Both patients were given a full smile – both functional and cosmetic. A lot of emotion is invested into our patients by our team. We understand how much it means to our patients and we always do our best for each patient. Andrea took the time out to discuss her treatment and experience in the videos below. It is always the patient having the ‘life changing’ treatment but often – the effect it has on me and my team is also immense! When we heard about the positive effect our treatment has had on both Andrea and Ian, I felt we may have achieved that dream – a perfect smile for a couple to enjoy together. They can enjoy meals out and eat whatever they want – and hopefully this means a better quality of life for them! Thank you Andrea and Ian for putting your trust in our clinic – and to every patient who continues to put their faith in our team at Infinity Dental Clinic.

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel




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