2 life changing treatments – a day at Infinity Dental Clinic

Posted on 16th September 2023

An incredible day of life changing treatments for 2 patients who can now eat, speak and smile with total confidence!

Last week we completed the treatment for 2 patients who were having full arch dental treatment using dental implants.

They both attended our clinic 6 months ago with a failing upper arch of teeth. They knew they required full arch replacement teeth but, as is always the case, they were reluctant to have their teeth removed. This is because the prospect of having no teeth is often much worse than hanging onto failing teeth.

We were able to help both patients with this difficult prospect by providing our same day teeth protocol. This meant we were able to meticulously plan their treatment using digital technology and CBCT scans prior to removing any teeth. This allowed us to design and manufacture the perfect prostheses and ideal implant placement positions prior to any hands on treatment.

We were then able to begin treatment by removing the failing teeth, placing the dental implants and fitting fixed teeth onto those implants on the very same day – during the same treatment session. The propect of having no teeth was no longer an issue for both of our patients. Both patients could leave on the first day with a permanent fixed smile supported by dental implants.

A time period of 6 months is then required for the implants and gums to settle into the mouth before we are able to manufacture and fit the final restorations. These are carefully milled to fit perfectly onto the gum line of the patient, providing the most natural outcome for each patient.

Since the teeth are milled from zirconia and supported by Straumann dental implants, both patients can eat anything they want and smile with total confidence once again.

In both cases we provided gum grafts to ensure the gum line can be as natural as possible – eliminating the need to use ‘artifical gums’ on the restorations.

Truly life changing…

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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