2023 – Developing a new type of dental care

Posted on 30th December 2023

This was another year of continued development for our team as we keep on striving for excellence.

At Infinity Dental Clinic we have helped thousands of patients overcome advanced dental problems to achieve a healthy and confident smile. In 2023, we continued this work by providing many more thousands of patients with treatment to restore their dental health and smiles.

Many of our treatments have life changing effects on the lives of our patients. I have written about some of these examples in our weekly blogs and it means so much to all of our team to be able to help people in this way. It truly is our main purpose for doing what we do everyday.

Over the years we have invested regularly in keeping up with the latest advances in dental care and dental technology. I am proud that at Infinity Dental Clinic we are able to provide the highest standard of care without any compormise to all of our patients.

One of the things many patients are unfamilar with is that in dentistry, the usual process for a patient is to undergo dental treatment with the dentist and then the second half of their treatment is to be completed off site at an external dental laboratory. If a patient requires any sort of bespoke manufactured restoration, this is made in a dental laboratory and that patient would then be left with a ‘temporary’ restoration for a few weeks whilst the restoration is made. They would then have to attend the clinic again for the dentist to fit this restoration. At Infinity Dental Clinic we have developed our own dental laboratory so that we are able to provide a fully customised service to our patients, all in-house. This has enabled us to have full control over our patient’s care meaning we can optimise their care. Waiting times can also be reduced due to having our own laboratory in-house, in fact we can even provide the full treatment all on the same day so that our patient’s don’t need to spend a few weeks with temporary restorations.

Developing our own dental laboratory has allowed us to develop a fully rounded dental care service to all of our patients. Imagine going to a tailor and being measured for a dress or a suit and then they actually made it right there. Imagine it was made by the same people who measured you and listened to you as you explained exactly what you wanted. Wouldn’t this be amazing? Would this lower the risk of anything being lost in communication or being missed out? By having our own dental laboratory we are excited to be able to provide this fully bespoke service to all of our patients.

Our in-house laboratory is equipped with the highest specification machinery in dental manufacturing. We also have an incredibly talented team of dedicated dental technicians who work with our dentists to design and manufacture bespoke restorations for all of our patients. Our laboratory has been developed at a purpose built site to ensure we are able to pioneer a new standard in dental technology, we truly feel this will ultimately help provide patients with the highest standard of care in every aspect of dentistry. Our laboratory is also being utilised by other dentists throughout the UK to complement the care they provide their own patients with. We are proud to be helping patients at Infinity Dental Clinic and beyond.

Infinity Dental Clinic
Dentogenics Dental Laboratory

In 2023 our team continued to further their education and learning helping us all stay at the forefront of clinical research and development within dentistry.

This year has seen us create more beautiful smiles and transform more lives at Infinity Dental Clinic. We have continued our strive for excellence by developing our own dental laboratory. Through our dental laboratory we are able to spread our standard of care to the wider dental community. Our aim is to help as many people, patients and fellow professionals along the way as we continue our pursuit to strive for excellence into 2024 and beyond…

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin and everyone at Infinity Dental Clinic

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