A great personality and now, a great smile to match…

Posted on 22nd October 2022

I have the privilege of meeting some incredible people as my patients. Recently I completed treatment for an incredible man. He was intelligent and witty, he was artistic and full of confidence. So why was he seeing me?

Depsite his personality and successes in life, he confessed that he would never smile with his teeth. He also said he would always worry about what he could eat out of fear of another tooth fracturing. He had a history of numerous dental problems and treatment. He just wanted to have healthy teeth which he could smile with confidence and eat with ease.

We found upon his assessment that we could save many of his teeth however, his front 6 teeth were compromised with heavy restorations and a history of dental fractures. He had an occlusal relationship of class 2 divison 2. This means that his upper incisors were retroclined therefore, when he bit down they would meet the lower incisors in an aggressive manner. Over time this can lead to some patients being more prone to dental trauma and that appears to be the case for this patient.

Our aim was to replace his front 6 teeth using 4 dental implants and a linked 6 unit implant supported bridge. We would also take this opportunity to re-calibrate his occlusal relationship so that he would no longer had a traumatic class 2 divison 2 bite. Instead, we aimed for a more ‘softer’ and ‘safer’ biting relationship to minimise his future risk of problems.

This was a patient who was already a confident intelligent man. He always made every encounter enjoyable. However, on the inside he struggled with his dental problems and he was just extremely good at not showing it to the outside world. When we completed his treatment, there was a sense of fulfilment for our patient. He finally overcame his lifelong dental problems and he reported on enjoying have a steak with his new ‘stronger’ teeth.

Life changing treatment comes in many forms and this was certainly a life changing treatment for our patient.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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