Posted on 29th July 2023

This patient attended our clinic from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, to pursue treatment to improve her smile and dental function. For many years she had been struggling with missing teeth.

This patient had lost all of her upper teeth over 30 years ago and was having to wear a removable a denture since then. She had struggled for more than half of her life with loose dentures. She had been to multiple consultations over the years and was told that dental implants is not possible due to the severity of her bone loss in her upper jaw.

She still came to see me for a consultation because she wanted to pursue every option. Her current situation was very difficult for her to live with and she was hoping someone could help her. After a thorough assessment and CBCT scan, we agreed that the patient had severe bone loss however, we were able to provide a plan that included a bone graft to replenish the missing bone volume so that she could ultimately have dental implants and fixed permanant teeth. When I presented this plan to our patient she was already emotional about this. The prospect of finally having a solution to the problem she had lived with for over 30 years was overwhelming, even for our team!

Over the course of her treatment we rebuilt the missing bone and gum volume in the upper arch and provided our patient with a permanent set of upper teeth. The teeth were carefully made to mimic all of her natural smile characteristics. She could finally eat, speak and smile with total confidence – something she hadn’t done for at least 30 years!

It is hard to imagine how someone would feel after patiently waiting 30 years to finally find a solution to this problem. Can you imagine how it felt to be able to chew properly again after 30 years? Smile properly again after 30 years? I am so proud of the impact our team has on the patients we are so privileged to treat.


Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

Mohsin Patel

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