A long journey to leave the loose denture behind…

Posted on 30th October 2022

This patient was referred to me by a dental practice in the North East of England. The patient was finding wearing her removable denture more and more difficult. Over the years her remaining teeth had become more mobile which meant her denture was being supported by loose teeth. The two main reasons for her teeth becoming loose over the years was due to:

1 – Ongoing periodontal disease which resulted in gradual tooth-supporting bone and gum loss

2 – Continuous wearing of a removable denture resulting in deterioration of bone and gum supporting surrounding teeth.

This ongoing problem was a major burden to the patient and she was refferred to our clinic to find a solution to resolve this problem.

After our assessment of the patient we proposed a solution to rebuild the missing bone and gums to restore the foundations for future tooth support. We also planned to place 4 dental implants in each arch to replace all of her missing and failing teeth with a fixed implant supported bridge. A plan was also made to provide our patient with temporary teeth throughout this treatment procedure.

One of the main reasons for this patient’s tooth loss was due to bone and gum loss. The treatment to restore this bone and gum is the most important feature of our treatment plan as it ensures that all future treatment is less likely to succumb to the same fate as her own teeth did.

Once we had rebuilt the bone and gums, we then carefully sculpted this additonal new gum tissue to provide gum contours to fit to her future teeth. This would ultimately provide a tight seal between tooth and gums to ensure minimal food collecting between teeth and easy maintenance of oral hygiene in the future. Gum contouring also enhances the aesthetics of the smile.

The end result was a carefully customised smile to allow this patient to eat, smile and speak with confidence once again. She no longer has to fear her teeth becoming loose, she doesn’t ever need to wear a removable denture! She can now eat whatever she wants and be proud of her smile!

We’re all delighted for this patient as this will have a significant effect on the quality of her life!

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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