A natural tooth replacement – Dental Implants and education

Posted on 2nd October 2016

Dental implants – natural tooth replacements

From reading my previous blogs, you may be aware that dental implants are as close to a natural tooth replacement as is possible. I take great pride in providing this treatment procedure because it takes the patient on a journey from one extreme to the other (from having no tooth/teeth to having a tooth again!)

My patients are delighted following treatment and the feedback I get is always pleasant to hear. It brings a smile to all our faces at Infinity Dental Clinic when patient’s say things like “it has changed my life”, “I can eat steak again” and “I can smile with confidence”.

Dental Implants by Dr Mohsin Patel

Passion for dentistry. Passionate to educate and learn

At Infinity Dental Clinic we have introduced advanced dental treatments and continue to train our staff to be up-to-date in providing the highest quality of dental care that our patient’s require. I now take great pleasure in announcing that we are working with the BAIRD academy and Dr Hassan Maghaireh to train and educate the next generation of implant surgeons.

Waiting room at infinity dental clinic

When you are passionate about the job you do, it becomes even more rewarding to share that passion with enthusiastic trainee dentists. I will certainly enjoy teaching on this academic course. Not only will I enjoy teaching, but also learning from my peers, which will enable me to improve myself. There is always so much to learn in dentistry and life as a whole and opportunities like this continue to help me and my team excel at what we do.

  • Dr Mohsin Patel


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