A recap of full arch implant dentistry – the most life changing of all treatments

Posted on 9th May 2021

At Infinity Dental Clinic we have had the pleasure of treating many patients in the field of advanced implant dentistry. Dental Implants are used to replace missing or failing teeth using a fixed, permanent approach. Whether it is one tooth, multiple teeth or a full set of teeth, the treatment can be life changing for these patients.

Having a full arch of teeth replaced with dental implant supported teeth is probably the most life changing solution of them all. Often these patients had been suffering with a failing dentition or loose dentures for many years before they present to our clinic. There are multiple options available when considering replacing a full arch of teeth, even with dental implants there are many variations in options available. With every mouth being unique and each patient having different expectations, we offer all options to each patient to enable them to make an informed decision.

From implant retained dentures to the fully fixed and permanent dental implant supported bridge – our team are able to provide every option to suit the requirements of each patient. Our same day treatment approach enables us to provide our patients with temporary fixed teeth from day one in their treatment process. The overall treatment usually takes approxiamtely 6 months to complete therefore, by providing fixed temporary teeth from day 1, our patients have a less stressful and more comfortable treatment journey thorughout this time. They can continue to live their life with little to no disruption.

The same day smile approach

The pictures below show what the fixed temporary teeth look like on the first day of the treatment with dental implants to replace the failing or missing teeth. In most cases they look almost as good as the final smile and in all of these pictures, the ‘before’ picture was taken at 9am in the morning and the ‘after’ picture was taken in the afternoon on that very same day!








Following 6 months of healing time our patients will have their ‘temporary’ teeth replaced with the final definitive smile. This final smile will be supported by the same dental implants that we placed 6 month previously therefore, no further surgery would be required. By now, the implants will have fully intergrated therefore, they will be able to support stronger teeth that will allow the patient to fully restore their normal dental function in every way.  This smile will have been designed meticulously to ensure it is cutomised to fit perfectly within the facial profile of the patient – of course the patient will have inputted their requirements to help us design the right smile for them. The pictures below show how the final smiles all look like individual teeth with perfect gum contours to mimic natural healthy teeth as closely as is possible.

We are proud to be able to help those patients who need an advanced level of support to restore their ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence. Our implant team is led by myself and I have a team that is full of experience and quality that enables us to provide this level of care. Our technical work is manufactured by Stephen Green’s team of laboratory experts who are artists able to engineer the highest level of prosthetics for our patients smiles to look so natural and aesthetic.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

Mohsin Patel

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