A recap of how full arch implant dentistry has improved so many lives in 2021!

Posted on 18th December 2021

We have provided many patients with treatment to fully restore their dental health. Patients have attended our clinic with very little confidence left in their smiles. They haven’t been able to eat, speak or smile with any confidence for a very long time before attending our clinic for the first time.

We have seen these patient’s lives change so much during their treatment journey. The effect it has on their confidence, health and welbeing is phenomenal. I take great pride in getting to know and understand our patients and it is truly breathtaking to see the effect full arch dental implants has on them.

One of the main obstacles for patients pursuing treatment to replace all of their teeth is the thought of having to wear a denture. Although most of these patients have detiorating teeth – this seems better to themselves than having no teeth or having a denture that they could not wear. Many patients feel that their options are limited as they need to have their teeth removed first before they can have replacement teeth.

Therefore, if it is possible, we always offer the option to have all of the teeth replaced with dental implants in a way that would never leave our patients with a removable denture – or without any teeth. For many patients,  to have the treatment performed in a way that would never leave them without a smile is so important.

Our team are very proud to have made helped so many patients improve their smiles and their lives. We have seen patients travel from across the UK to have this treatment carried out by our highly skilled and experienced team. I am very grateful for the trust that patients put in our clinic to help them pursue the treatment that they so desperately need.

Thank you fore reading,

Mohsin Patel

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