A recap of some of our full arch cases that have transformed so many patient’s lives…

Posted on 20th September 2020

Having loose failing teeth or missing teeth can result in patient’s struggling to eat, speak and smile with confidence. There are many factors that cause these issues and the gradual detioration of a patient’s dental health oten results in the gradual decline in that patient’s confidence and quality of life.

Dentures have been worn by patients to replace teeth for many centuries. In fact, the earliest record of dentures being made and used was as early as 7th Century BC in northern Italy. The techniques of making dentures haven’t changed as much as one would expect over the years, although the materials have.

In 21st century medicine and in the developed world, we have many more advanced techniques for replacing missing teeth. Dentures have served the human population well for many centuries however, they do not fully restore a person’s ability to eat, speak and smile with full confidence. Only a permanent and fixed solution would provide the optimum solution.

At Infinity Dental Clinic, we have helped thousands of patients overcome their problems asssociated with missing teeth or loose dentures. It is a truly life changing solution for these patients and we continue to be amazed by the positive effect such treatments have on our patients. Our patients are able to eat the foods they have avoided for years. One of the most common messages I hear from our patients is that they have been able to ‘chew salad again for the first time in years!’. When you think about the mechanics involved in chewing salad you realise that it takes a lot of tooth – on – tooth grinding to break down a piece of lettuce. Many of us take this for granted but for those who have missing teeth or dentures, this so called simple task has become impossible. Salad is obviously not the only food that these patients struggle with. Confidence and smile appearance also become big problems for these patients.

With dental implants we provide a number of replacement teeth options to restore these patient’s ability to chew, speak and smile with confidence again. Our same day smiles approach takes it even further by ensuring that our patients are able to restore their confidence all in a day!

It is a joy to help patients improve their life in this way.

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel

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