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Posted on 15th April 2022

This week’s blog is about a patient who came to our clinic wanting help with his dental situation. He didn’t really know what he wanted, mainly because he didn’t know what was possible. He had a denture that was uncomfortable and his existing teeth were decayed. He had very little confidence in his smile.

We thoroughly assessed the patient using CBCT scanning and clinical assessments. It was possible to replace all of his missing failing teeth with dental implant supported teeth. These would be fixed in place permanently and best of all, this could all be done in a day to provide our patient with an immediate smile from the very outset. This was the option that the patient opted for.

We used our ‘same day teeth‘ approach to remove the failing teeth and replace them with fixed dental implant teeth on the same day. This procedure was carried out under sedation to ensure our patient was comfortable throughout. Our team meticulously planned the treatment in preparation for the day to ensure everything was performed smoothly and predictably. At the end of the first day of treatment, the patient was leaving our clinic with fixed teeth in both arches and a smile he could be proud of.

This smile would last him 6 months whilst we wait for his gums, bone and implants to fully heal and integrate with each other. During this time, the patient’s quality of life had already significantly improved since that first day procedure. He was already smiling more and had more confidence.

The final smile was carefully created using digital simulations and feedback from our patient. We want to ensure that each final smile is created to be a bespoke fit for our patients. On the final day, we simply remove the initial same day teeth and replaced them with the final prostheses. This takes no longer than an hour to do as the teeth are not being attached to the fully healed implants above gum level.

The patient broke down in tears when he saw his final smile. He never thought he would ever have a ‘perfect’ smile. Even though nothing is perfect, this was certainly a life changing transformation that made a huge difference to our patient’s life.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

Mohsin Patel

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