All in a day – Full mouth dental implants

Posted on 7th November 2021

I am always surprised at the effect this life changing treatment has on our patients.

My highlight from the previous week was providing this treatment to our patient who was ‘desperate’ for a new smile. She came to our clinic with no confidence in her smile and struggling to eat with ease. She was starting a new job soon and this added to her anxiety with regards to her smile and dental health. What I learned about this women during the consultation and planning phases was that she was a women who conveyed very little emotion. Despite this, it was clear she was lacking in confidence in her smile but she would not speak about this too much. Instead, she would focus on getting the ‘new’ smile rather than the problems she had with her existing smile.

A smile in a day

I spend a lot of time with my patients during their treatment. A lot of time and energy is invested by everyone when providing such life changing dentistry. This patient opted to have the treatment all in a day. We carefully planned everything so that the day would go smoothly and successfully for our patient. A full team including our clinical dental technician, Stephen Green, our sedationist, Dr Hannah Wilson and our implant team helped transform her smile. In one single session we were able to remove all of her failing teeth and replace them with fixed (non-removable) dental implant supported teeth. Later that afternoon when she saw her smile in the mirror for the first time, I saw a reaction from her that will live long in my memory. This was a lady of very few outward emotions but this time she couldn’t contain it! She was overwhelmed with joy and tears flooded from her eyes. She was delighted and it was clear that for many years she had learned to cope with her problems in a particular way that resulted in few emotions.

Our patient can now have an immediate improvement in her quality of life and confidence from day 1 of her treatment. She will be provided with her final and more improved teeth in approximately 4-6 months. At least during this time she can enjoy having a nice smile!

One of the many reasons we all love doing this job!

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel





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