An emotional same day teeth solution….

Posted on 17th April 2021

We completed another same day smiles treatment for one of our patient’s this week. She attended our clinic having suffered with multiple tooth loss over the years. She could not tolerate wearing dentures due to her gag reflex (something that affects many patients). This meant that for many years she had sufferd with having low confidence in her smile and struggling to chew properly. She stated that she avoids smiling and also avoids going out where possible. I often hear this from patients who struggle with their teeth.

One of the main obstacles for this patient pursuing treatment to replace her teeth was the thought of having to wear a denture. Although she only had a few teeth left – this was better than having no teeth or having a denture she could not wear. Her options were limited as she needed to have her teeth removed first before she could have replacement teeth.

Therefore, when we offered her the option to have all of her upper teeth replaced with dental implants in a way that would never leave her with a denture – or without any teeth – that was just the option she needed to help her pursue the treatment she had always wanted. For this patient, like many, to have the treatment performed in a way that would never leave her without a smile is so important.

The pictures below show the before and after pictures from Monday’s treatment, with the before picture taken at 9am and the after picture was taken at 2pm on the same day. The treatment was all completed under sedation so the patient was totally relaxed throughout.

When the patient looked in the mirror following her treatment, she was overwhelmed with happiness at the sight of herself with a nice aesthetic smile. Her final smile will be provided in approximately 4 months once her implants and gums have fully healed however, until then she can continue to do her job and meet people with total confidence, as well as eat, speak and smile with ease.

Mohsin Patel

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