An inspirational patient with a life changing smile…

Posted on 6th May 2023

When Jonathan attended our clinic, he was suffering from an advanced form of periodontal disease, the most common cause of tooth loss. As a result, his remaining upper teeth had to be removed, and we pursued treatment to replace them all.

Jonathan was one of the most resilient patients I have ever encountered. Despite having had both his legs amputated due to a medical emergency, he was always determined to open doors himself, and drove himself to the clinic in his adapted vehicle. He was an inspiration to me and many others.

Jonathan was eager to restore his teeth so he could eat, speak, and smile with confidence. We proposed full arch dental implants with fixed permanent teeth, a treatment that could be completed in a single day, leaving Jonathan fixed teeth from the outset. From the very beginning, his smile was transformed. Six months later, the “final” implant-supported teeth were ready for fitting.

At the final appointment, I could sense the emotion from Jonathan. He was ecstatic, and I was moved to see him feeling so fulfilled. He could now eat, speak, and smile with confidence, living life to the fullest. According to Jonathan, it was all worth it just for that!

We are thankful to Jonathan and to everyone who has continued to support our team and read our weekly blogs. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Mohsin Patel

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