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Posted on 26th May 2023

We have had another great success this week in treating a remarkable patient. This individual was in her seventies, but you would never believe it she stayed fit with regular runs and was in excellent health overall! Despite being happily retired, her teeth has been troubling her; she had been wearing a full denture in her upper jaw for over twenty years and the negative impact it was having on her life was too much.

At our clinic, she requested teeth she could chew properly with and that had a natural appearance similar to her original teeth. Using our inhouse digital scanners and CBCT machine, we conducted a full assessment to design a plan that best suited her needs. A bone graft was done to replensih the bone lost in her upper jaw after being toothless for so long and four dental implants were placed to support a full arch of fixed teeth.

The teeth were made to match her aesthetic and functional expectations withfake silver fillings,staining andwear to make them look exactly like her old teeth. Do you think this is cosmetic dentistry? It may not be everyone’s choice of smile design however, at Infinity Dental Clinic we truly believe that aesthetics are a personal choice and every individual has the right to choose exactly the type of teeth and smile they want. The technical team, led by Phil Reddington, used their artistic prowess to craft her perfect smile.

We feel immensely proud to have restored her smile and function in a way that looks natural and seamless. Thank you for your continued support of our passionate dental team.

Mohsin Patel

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