Buliding the foundations for Excellent Dental Care

Posted on 25th July 2016

Starting as we mean to go on

We are striving for excellent dental care. I have a great team of skilled and experienced clinicians and support staff. When I took over this practice I realised that the excellent care should extend to the practice environment and waiting area as well. I wanted to create something our patients can be proud of and feel comfortable in.

The work required to create our vision required careful planning and team work to the highest level. I am very proud to write this blog in the midst of this project now underway. We wanted to start as we mean to go on – an excellent dental practice providing the latest dental care to our patients.


practice before

practice demolition

practice demolition 2

Investing in our patients – investing in our future

We have introduce the latest dental equipment and materials to our patients. The building was the only thing that felt ‘left-out’. We needed to upgrade this as well to complete the package. Our practice is proud of providing the best and looking after our patients with respect. Patient care comes first.

practice refurbishment

practice rehabilitation

We are excited to work in an environment we believe will portray the care we provide. Our staff are proud to be a part of this and I hope our patient are as well. This is a huge project which will be done in less than 2 weeks! I think that in itself is an amazing achievement. Thank you to our building team.

We are continuing to see and treat our emergency dental care patients – so feel free to contact us if this is required.


Dr Mohsin Patel


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