Commitment and Motivation

Posted on 14th July 2016

With only one more week to go before the building work begins – we are all very excited. The last few weeks have seen a huge development in our practice. We are blessed with an intelligent and motivated team. Everyone cares and wants to succeed.

Commitment to excellent dental care

It is vitally important to our team that each patient is delighted by every aspect of the patient experience. We believe that by caring you don’t have to try too hard to excel at this. CARING is key to everything – and we care.

By introducing our treatment co-ordinator to the team we are able to organise our patient’s care to take the stress off their shoulders. I find that when going through a lengthy treatment plan, the patient should not have to worry about things like the logistics and timings of their appointments. This is where our treatment co-ordinator improves our patient’s experience.

Following a dental consultation at our practice, our team aim to write a dental report bespoke to the patient which is given to the patient to read at home. This allows them to read all of their options prior to making an informed decision on which pathway of care is best for them.

I look forward to posting pictures of our refurbishment in progress. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts or feedback on this.

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