Composite recontouring (bonding)

Posted on 11th January 2021

There are many ways to enhance your smile ranging from a full mouth of replacement teeth to more minimal dental treatment. In a situation where the teeth are already healthy, it is important to take an approach that does no damage to these teeth. At Infinity Dental Clinic we use non-invasive composite recontouring techniques to improve our patient’s smile whilst maintaining the long term integrity of their teeth.

A tooth coloured filling material can be bonded directly to the tooth to improve the shape and appearance. Sometimes these are referred to as composite bonding. Composite can be used to repair fractures, close gaps, increase the length of worn teeth or improve staining. This minimally invasive procedure can usually be completed in one visit and often requires little or no tooth removal.

Composite recontouring is sometimes referred to as ‘composite bonding’. These restorations require a high level of skill to ensure that they produce a long lasting and aesthetic smile appearance. Our cosmetic composite bonding treatments are provided by Dr Hannah Wilson who is able to make these restorations look beautiful and aesthetic, yet natural. Digital smile designs are used to create the ideal smile design for contouring the composite bonding. Composite recontouring is an art that must be carried out by dentists who possess the skills, knowledge and experience to produce life like aesthetic results. We are very proud to have Dr Hannah Wilson in our team providing patients with the highest standards in aesthetic composite treatments.

In many cases, composite recontouring provides that final finishing touch to complete a patient’s smile.

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