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Posted on 2nd June 2023

When faced with the prospect of having to replace a missing tooth or teeth, most patients are concerned about how natural such a replacement tooth may look in the mouth. Will this tooth change their smile and appearance? Will this new tooth negatively affect their ability to eat and speak?
Dental implants form the perfect foundations to replace missing teeth. The implant forms the supporting foundation for the supragingival crown.
Sometimes our patients ask for a smile makeover. They take this opportunity to enhance the shade and appearance of their other teeth to improve the overall appearance of their smile.
However, sometimes our patients do not want to change anything about their own teeth. In fact they want the replacement tooth to match their own teeth in every possible way. This is often a much more challenging task as conforming to natural dentition requires an exceptionally high level of skill. Attention to detail is critical to achieve such an outcome.
In this case we were tasked with exactly this challenge. To provide a tooth that mirrored the patient’s own teeth (in particular the lateral incisor) we needed to mimic the natural gum contours and levels as well as the appearance and shade of the crown.
We were able to provide natural gum contours by providing a gum graft during the implant placement procedure. This enbaled us to enahcne the volume and health of the gum so that we can manipulate it’s shape into the natural curvature found on this patient’s own teeth. The crown was expertly crafted by the technical team led by Phil Reddington. The colours, uneveness and overal shape was carefully made to match this patient’s own teeth. The overall outcome is one that we can all be proud of.
This patient asked for a tooth that looked exactly like his own teeth and we are pleased to have provided just that!
Dental implants at Infinity Dental Clinic are tailored to each individual patient to provide you with the most bespoke solutions possible in dentistry.
Thank you for reading,
Mohsin Patel

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