Dental Implants to restore a smile

Posted on 29th September 2019

Dental implants is a dental topic that we have discussed on many occasions before. We treat such a wide range of patients with dental implants. There are patients who have lost their teeth due to injury or trauma, then there are those who have lost their teeth due to dental disease. There are also patients who are anticipating losing their teeth and want to do something about it. We see patients from their 20’s all the way up to, well there is no age limit. The oldest patient we have treated was 92 and that was for a full arch of lower implant supported teeth. She was delighted to be able to enjoy her meals properly again!

In this blog I will discuss the case of David. He came to our clinic after an accident which left him with cracked and loose teeth at the front of his mouth. He was very concerned at the prospect of losing his front teeth. We were able to make all the assessments at his first appointment using our in-house CBCT scanner and a thorough clinical examination. The front 4 teeth had to be removed however, we were able to plan and provide an immediate tooth replacement solution for David so that he never spent any time away from the clinic without his front teeth.

The overall treatment was to replace the front 4 teeth with 2 dental implants and 4 fixed implant supported teeth. In many cases where multiple teeth are missing, it is possible to link fewer implants together to provide more replacement teeth than the number of implants used. In most cases, this is actually a better option with regards to long term health and prognosis of the dental implants. The overall treatment in this case took approximately 4 months which is the average amount of time it takes to ensure optimum healing has taken place. Great care is always taken to contour the gums to develop the natural gum contours that are typically seen around natural teeth.

dental implants

David was very anxious when he attended our clinic with the dental trauma. Following his treatment he was back to his best once again. He was more confident and was no longer anxious with regards to future dental care. The fear of the unknown prevents so many patients from pursuing treatment that could have a huge impact on them. Unfortunately, we find that in some cases this results in further deterioration of their problems. However, we take great pride in providing all of our patients with a calming and thorough dental plan that enables them to pursue there treatment with minimum stress. David is a great example of one of the many patients that we have seen who now enjoys coming to the dentist!

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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