Don’t be afraid to make that call…

Posted on 14th November 2021

I often see patients who have delayed pursuing dental treatment far longer than they should have. It is only when the problems have become so severe that they finally make the leap to come to see us at the clinic.

I always ask my patients why they chose to come now? Why not a year ago, or 5 years ago when the problem first became apparant?

I’m often told this is because they didn’t realise that they could be helped. They were not sure if these dental problems can actually be treated. I’m also told by our patients that the fear of undergoing advanced dental care is one of the biggest factors preventing them from coming to the clinic in the first place!

The fact is every single one of these patients says exactly the same thing following completion of their treatment. “I wish I had come sooner!” Every care is taken to ensure the treatment is provided using a painless and comfortable approach.

Some of these patients have suffered with deteriorating dental health for many years. They haven’t been able to smile or eat with confidence for a long time. When providing them with a solution to all of their dental problems it is clearly life changing for them. I have never heard a patient say they wish they had not had it done. Instead, every patient is always stating how they wished they had it done sooner. It makes me and our whole team very proud to provide such a high level of dental care to the patients who need it the most!

Don’t wait, there is no time like the present…

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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