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Posted on 15th November 2020

We’re very proud to be completing the life changing treatments of so many patients every week. Helping patients overcome their dental problems is what we do and we try our best to do it in the best possible way for every patient.

This review from one of our patients last week means a lot to me and our team. She had to accept delays to her treatment due to the covid-19 lockdown and her patience was really tested, like for so many people. However, I am so happy for her that she has finally recieved the smile that she was promised by us before the Covid-19 pandemic arrived. It is fitting that we completed her treatment during this second lockdown – as dentists are allowed to continue to care for patient’s dental health during this time. Here is her review:

“I put off visiting a dentist for decades hoping my problems would magically disappear. I was so phobic I would even try to change the subject when others were discussing dental appointments. But the time had come and after lots of research, I set foot into this wonderful practice.

As a result, and after procedures I never imagined I would be able to tolerate, I have an Implant Retained Denture and a beautiful smile. Happy doesn’t come close to describing how I feel.

Thank you so, so much Dr Mohsin Patel and your wonderful team for holding my hand and for turning my perceived nightmares into a walk in the park. You have restored my confidence along with my smile.

I always receive a warm welcome when I arrive for my appointments and I can honestly say, I am equally happy to see you.” – By Liz O’Brien

I would like to thank every patient for their continued support, we wouldn’t be here without you and we really appreciate the time you all take out to share your feedback with us. Thank you to Liz for this wonderful review!

Mohsin Patel

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