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Posted on 8th April 2023

People are often nervous about attending for a dental appointment. One of the most common worries is the feeling of embarrassment about the condition of their teeth, and the possibility of needing complicated or lengthy procedures.

We have treated many patients over the years who have shared this feeling. It is this feeling that has resulted in them avoiding a dental appointment for many years, sometimes decades. Some people have been putting off going to the dentist for so long, despite the struggles they face with their dental health. For many people, the fear of feeling emabrrassed is far more over powering than the need to get dental help. This is a ‘normal’ type of behaviour and one we completely understand. It is hard for anybody to overcome this feeling after so many years.

Often it is a loved one, or someone close to them that has finally pursuaded them to attend the dentist. Sometimes it is pure desparation that has finally set in, this ultimately over powers the feeling of embarrassment.

When patients attend our clinic for the first time, we always make it very clear that their is absolutely no reason to feel emabrrassed. At our clinic in particular, we treat some of the most advanced dental problems. In fact, patients specifically travel to our clinic just because of the advanced dental treatments we provide. We have patients travelling from every corner of the country, and even abroad, just to pursue the advanced procedures that our team provide.

We are proud to have helped thousands of patients overome their negative feelings towards their dental health and also of dentistry. When patients leave our clinic with a smile that they thought would never be possible in their own mouths, it is certainly a life changing moment for them. Not only do they have more confidence in their smile, but they are also able to attend future dental appointments without the fear of emabrrassment.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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