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Posted on 4th December 2021

I received this email from our patient the day after his treatment was completed. This made my week:

“Hi Dr Patel,
Thank you for sending the images of the whole process, the amount of work involved is tremendous!! 
I am super happy with the outcome and all my family are massively impressed at what you’ve managed to achieve for me, I will be forever grateful for everything.
Thank you.”
<The full review is at the end of this blog>
We provided the same day teeth approach for this patient who attended with only a few teeth remaining and these teeth were not in good health. We needed a solution to restore his smile and function without compromising his quality of life in the process. He had to be able to continue to work and live his life comfortably. This level of treatment always takes approximately 6 months to complete to a high standard therefore, we felt the same day teeth approach would ensure he would have good replacement teeth from day 1 of his treatment journey.
The patient was never left without a smile and was always able to eat, speak and smile with confidence – even with his ‘temporary’ same day teeth. We improved his smile appearance drastically by reducing the amount of gum visible in his smile line and replacing all of his missign and failing teeth. He was provided with enough teeth to fill his smile and provide full function. This patient had a ‘small’ mouth therefore, we felt 4 dental implants in each arch would provide enough structural support for his full arch of teeth. In cases where the mouth is larger we would recommend 6 dental implants – as you may have seen in some of our other examples.
This patient was extremely quiet throughout the whole treatment journey. He didn’t express his emotions, he just ‘got on with it’. That was until we fitted his final teeth. He could not stop smiling and he opened up to express his gratitude and how happy he actually was. It was lovely for all of our team to see how much of a difference we had made for this patient. We are all so happy for him. It makes me very proud to be part of a team that provides truly life changing dental treatment.
Thank you to our patient who took time out to write us a review detailing his experiences from start to finish:
“I’ve spent at least the last 5 years thinking about replacing my own teeth with dental implants, for years and years I struggled with deteriorating teeth, making it difficult to eat properly and always avoiding smiling due to the embarrassment of the condition of my teeth.
Finally in early February 2021 I plucked up the courage to book a consultation with a dental implant specialist, I googled endlessly trying to find the right dentist and time and time again I came across Infinity Dental Clinic. The reviews left by patients were fantastic, the blog had examples of loads of previous cases showing before and after images and I could see the treatment that this dental clinic provides was a step above every other clinic! So, I booked the initial consultation appointment with Dr Patel which went amazingly well, a couple of weeks later I was presented with and walked through all my options (there were several) I chose to go full steam ahead and have both top and bottom arches completely replaced with Straumann dental implants and zirconia bridges, the best of the best treatment available today.
Fast forward to June 2021 and I had my big appointment, in a single day with sedation I was going to have all my treatment, old teeth removed, implants fitted, and new teeth attached to the implants. I arrived at the dentist at about 8am and was on my way home by about 3.30pm. Special thanks goes to Dr Wilson for looking after me that morning, dealing with my sedation and talking me through what we be happening. I was tired after the procedure but couldn’t help but smile in the mirror once I got home, it had been a long time since I could do that. For the next few days, I was a bit swollen and a bit sore but using the ice pack provided by Infinity Dental and taking over the counter painkillers by the end of the week the swelling was gone, I had no pain, and I could eat!! Although only soft foods initially, as my same day teeth were only temporary and had to be looked after carefully while everything healed up. I had no issues at all during the healing process, no pain everything healed perfectly and much quicker than I expected.
For the next 5 months or so, I had several appointments just to check up on things and to go through options and design specifics, after all you get to design your own smile! Finally, December 2021 I get my final teeth fitted and they look amazing! I don’t think I’ve never smiled so much, all the occasions I’ve had where I wanted to smile but couldn’t from now on, for every occasion, I will be smiling from ear-to-ear 😊 I would like to thank everyone at Infinity Dental Clinic, especially the people who know me (even behind a face mask).
A special thank you to Dr Patel, he is the most professional and highly skilled Dental Doctor I have had the pleasure of knowing and will continue to be under his dental care for as long as he is providing treatment. Also, big thank you to Dr Wilson, Natalie, Katie and all the dental nurses that have helped me. I am forever grateful for everything Dr Patel and the team at Infinity Dental have given me.”Warren Burke
Thank you for reading
Mohsin Patel

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