Full arch, full smile and full impact!

Posted on 25th June 2023

At Infinity Dental Clinic, we recently provided advanced dental treatment to a patient who was affected by periodontal disease. As a result of the disease, the patient had to have all of his teeth removed. Our full arch implant rehabilitation approach, using dental implants, enabled him to maintain his lifestyle as he was left with temporary teeth throughout the 6 months of treatment.
This eliminated the prospect of being without any teeth. The smile was customised with careful input from the patient and he was delighted to be able to eat, speak, and smile with confidence once again.
He speaks to customers throughout the day, everyday, during his day job and this has enabled him to feel more free and confidence doing his job and during every aspect of his life.
We are very proud to have had such a positive impact on the patient’s life. Approximately 60% of the adult population is affected by periodontal disease, and our treatments provide hope for those individuals who have lost, or are about to lose their teeth.
Thank you for reading,
Mohsin Patel

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