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Posted on 26th May 2018

We are now on blog number 112! The day after GDPR has become the law and we find a reduced number of members to our blog. Is this a problem? No! I think it is actually an advantage because every member of our blog list has now elected to opt-in. Is it not better to have a group of 100 quality members than a group of 1000 who don’t have an interest in what you write?

I would like to thank everyone who has opted-in, we are all delighted that our blogs keep you informed on various dental topics (and sometimes non-dental ones too!).

Recap of Dental Implant treatment to replace missing teeth

We have written many blogs on individual cases where treatment using dental implants has made a big difference to a patient’s life.

At our clinic, between us we have treated thousands of patients using dental implants. Each of these treatment cases has been unique since all treatment with dental implants at our clinic is provided in a bespoke manner. One similarity between all of these cases however, has been the positive influence this treatment has had on our patient’s lives.

The ability to chew, smile and speak with ease is something we all take for granted until we lose that ability. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that provides the most natural replacement for missing teeth and when our patients have had this treatment it is a joy to see the transformation in the patient’s smile, confidence and general well-being.

I enjoy seeing my patients for their review appointments following completion of their treatment. I normally find that a few months later, most of our patients appear more confident, happier and their general mood seems more positive.

I have selected a few cases below which have had a life-changing influence on our patients. You can only imagine how much their lives have improved…

Dental implants and crownsDental implants infinity Dental Clinicdental implantDental Implant

It is a privilege to work alongside an immensely skilled team that is able to produce these results in a tailor made manner for each one of our patients.

Please feel free to email us at the clinic if you would like to know more.

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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