Happiness is a by-product of full arch implant dentistry…

Posted on 2nd June 2022

We completed another spectacular full arch treatment for one of our patients this week. The patient presented to our clinic with multiple remaining failing teeth. We decided to replace all of the missing and failing teeth using dental implants and a permanent fixed prostheses. We used the same day teeth approach to ensure the patient was not without teeth during the treatment phase.

Dental Implants gum contouring

Full arch implant dentistry will usually take approximately 6 months to complete. This means that patients need a solution for that transition period. By providing same day teeth we are able to provide permanently fixed teeth during that time. This enables our patients to continue to maintain their lifestyle as close to normal as possible during the treatment phase.

I enjoy getting to know my patients during such intense and life improving dental treatments. This particular patient was always full of joy and never showed any signs of nerves, anxiety or unhappiness. I was impressed with how she was able to handle every treatment phase without showing any signs of concerns.

When I fitted the final teeth this week we were joined by her husband for the final smile reveal. This was the first time in the whole treatment journey that I saw the patient overwhelmed with emotion. There were tears of joy as the patient came to realise how beautiful her new smile was. She admitted that eating steak was something that she was looking forward to the most as well as being more confident in her smile. 

This patient came to our clinic to pursue dental treatment to address her deteriorating dental health. The by-product of this was genuine happiness for her and her husband as she can enjoy her life fully by eating, speaking and smiling with toal confidence! This is what makes us so proud of the work we do…

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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