Here for the long haul

Posted on 3rd June 2017

It has been a year since our big practice renovations. I am writing this blog to reflect on the year and talk about the plans ahead.

There is no substitute for a good team

In our profession, it is not possible to just turn up to work and do your job. When we strive to provide the best care for our patients, we have to be passionate about the work we do. We have built a team of professionals who really value the work they do and the service we provide.

Over the last year, our team have both attended and contributed to the educational courses in dentistry. Every member of the team has further enhanced their skills to become more qualified and more skilled than they were 1 year ago.

We have also educated fellow professionals in clinical dentistry and implantology over the last year. As with our aims 1 year ago, our aims going forward are to continue our professional development to continually enhance our skills.

None of the progress of the last year would have been possible without such a passionate team.

Replacing missing teeth with something better than a denture – Dental Implants

When we arrived at the practice to continue the care of the 9000+ patients registered with our clinic, we realised that our patients had not been offered implants before. This was a year ago. Although some patients were reasonably happy with wearing a denture, there were also many patients who were not happy with dentures.

missing tooth dental implant

With implant dentistry being readily available through our experienced implantology team, we have been able to provide life changing treatments to many of our patients. It has been a privilege to see how our patients have got on following this treatment. There is nothing more joyous in my job than to see a patient THAT happy following completion of their treatment. Everyone at Infinity Dental Clinic has been very proud to be part of transforming so many lives for so many of our patients in Leeds.

The long haul

We pride ourselves on providing both advanced care for our patients and routine dental maintenance. People need looking after for their whole lives and we are committed to being here for our patients when they need us. We are here to build a legacy, not a business. That means we will be here for the long haul, along with our values and ethos.

It is a privilege to serve our patients.

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