I just want to smile again…

Posted on 14th January 2023

I was asked by Gabriella if she could write this week’s blog. Gabriella is a treatment coordinator at our clinic who assists patients in tailoring their approach to the dental treatment they require. Gabriella, like all of our treatment coordination team, is in a unique position in which she deals with patients from the first minute they make an enquiry to the very end of their treatment journey. It is a priveliege to have been asked by Gabriella to write this blog and I am very proud to present it below, enjoy! – Mohsin Patel 

What is a smile?

A smile can light up a room, it can uplift a friend when they are down, bring laughter into a conversation and create a happy feeling with everyone around you.

A smile is a powerful thing, which can bring so much positivity into someone’s life and the confidence to shine in any situation. Smiling changes our mood, its contagious and relieves stress. There is nothing more attractive than a beautiful smile.

I have had so many telephone conversations with patients, who tell me they just want to smile again, are fed up with covering their smile, hide away from the camera and feel they have lost a part of themselves due to not having the confidence to smile any more.

Here at the clinic, our team are with you every step of the way, we work with you and guide you into creating a healthy new smile and discuss ways of maintaining this for the future, by looking after your ongoing dental care.

Once we have seen you for your first assessment, a bespoke treatment plan would be put together for you which we would work through to achieve the smile you have always wanted.

When I see a patient who has finished their treatment and finally see their smile, its such a beautiful thing. The face completely changes its almost as though a light has been switched on from within and they finally have the confidence to smile again.

We have the most unbelievable team here, who change the lives of patients every day. They help our patients to get back in those photos and smile again with their loved ones and make those amazing memories.

Life is precious and the most important thing in life is to be happy and to smile.

Thank you,

Gabriella Saracino Hamill

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