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Posted on 13th March 2022

We often get patients attending our clinic feeling that they may have left it too late to pursue dental treatment. There are many reasons why patients may present to us with advanced dental problems and our aim is to help them in the best way possible. This means not only solving their problems, but also providing them with a long term maintenance plan to ensure they never have to deal with such advanced dental issues again.

The 2 patients below both attended our clinic feeling that they may have left it too late to save any of their teeth. They felt everything had to be removed and replaced with dental implants. We often provide treatment to replace a full mouth of failing teeth with dental implants – but only when that is the best solution. Sometimes it is possible to save many teeth and still get a result that looks as good as a full mouth of replacement implant teeth. If there is potential to save teeth, that is what we always aim for.

In this example we managed to save every single tooth that you can see in the before picture. Each tooth was carefully treated to put a halt to any ongoing dental disease, this included endodontic treatment, composite restorations and periodontal care. Then every tooth was improved with veneers to maximise the appearance of the smile and further protect the structure of the tooth. The missing teeth were all replaced with fixed dental implants. Our aim in treatments like this is to ensure that all of the teeth look in-keping with each other and the whole smile. Therefore, you shouldn’t be able to notice the difference between the dental implant replacement teeth and the patient’s real dentition.

In this example the patient suffered with severe periodontal disease. Her lower incisors were all failing and very loose and she had given up hope on many of her teeth. We addressed the periodontal disease by providing a long term periodontal care plan. This ensures that the same severe disease process is less likely to affect her other teeth. Whilst ensuring all of her other teeth were healthier, we also provided treatment to replace the 4 lower incisors with dental implant supported fixed teeth. The final outcome is a smile which she thought was never possible. Best of all – she gets to keep all of her other teeth without compormising any of her treatment!

We’re proud to provide our patients with treatment to save and replace teeth – regardless of the approach the final outcome will never be compromised.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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