It makes such a big difference

Posted on 25th July 2021

Missing teeth can affect the confidence you have in your smile and your ability to eat and speak. For those who have multiple or all of their teeth missing, this can have a huge impact on their lives. They may choose to avoid certain social situations as well as limiting their diet to food which is ‘easier’ to chew.

They will think about their teeth as soon as they awake because it affects everything they can do during the day!

The problem is relentless and does not go away on its own. We have treated many patients facing these problems every day and the treatment is truly life changing. I am so proud of our team’s ability to change lives this way. These patients can go back to enjoying life to the fullest. They can eat, speak and smile with total confidence once again. For some, it has been 30+ years since they’ve been able to truly eat and smile with confidence. Seeing these patients following their treatment fills us all with joy and happiness. Words alone cannot describe the way these patients feel – it really is incredible!

We love our work and sometimes we make a huge difference to patient’s lives…

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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