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Posted on 14th October 2022

Many thousands of patients have attended our clinic pursuing treatment to improve their dental health and quality of life. For so many patients, their dental health is the source of so many problems in their lives. When this patient attended our clinic he was at an all time low in confidence levels. He had no recollection of when he last smiles with his teeth. He was an intelligent man who was highly qualified in his field of work. He stated that he had been provided with numerous invitations to speak in public in his field of science amongs his peers. He was well respected for the work he did but he was unable to present his work due to his lack of confidence in his smile.

We found that many of his teeth needed replacing due to advanced dental decay however, we also assessed many of his teeth to still be restorable. Therefore, a plan to combine both restorative and tooth replacement treatments was provided to our patient to help him achieve both a health and aesthetic smile. We used dental implants to replace the failing and missing teeth. Composite restorations were used to repair the other teeth in such a way that both his exisitng and new teeth would conform to his natural smile appearance. All treatment was provided using sedation to ensure the patient was as relaxed as possible throughout the process.

At the end of the treatment the patient attended the clinic with his parents. They were overwhelmed with the transformation this has had on their son. I could see what it meant to his mother after she had seen her son suffer for so long and now he was finally ‘free’ of the one thing that was holding him back. As for our patient, he was smiling like I had never seen him before. He also looked healthier as he was now eating better foods and was able to enoy his food more. This meant he had a varied diet and he stated that he had already taken up the invitation to do public speaking to his professional peers. We know this treatment was life changing for our patient because he said so himself. It means a lot to me and my team to see such a positive effect for our patient and we hope he can reach his potential in both his work and social life so that he can truly make the most out of his life!

That is how much it means to our patients, it is truly life changing.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)


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